Training for conversations in risk

Risk management has been a fact of business life for a number of years now, and yet it remains an area where comparatively few people have ever had any broad reaching and formal training. Of course there are increasing numbers of degree and post-graduate courses and serious professional qualifications, such as that offered by the Institute of Risk Management (“IRM”). In this comparative vacuum a large number of organisations are now offering a range of training options ranging from short interventions to much more substantive courses. It is difficult for those buying training to differentiate between the good, the bad and the ugly.

At AndersonRisk we are passionate about bringing the best of risk training to you. All of our consultants have many years of experience. Richard Anderson was the lead examiner for two modules of the IRM’s International Diploma, and has been providing risk training since the mid-nineties when he ran his first training course internally for Coopers & Lybrand.

Our training ranges from board level workshops to training for those who need to use risk management processes on a day by day basis, either as part of a full time risk role or because they simply have to apply some risk management thinking to their non-risk roles.

For the boardroom we set out some of the latest thinking in risk management so that directors are equipped to provide the all important oversight that is being demanded by the FRC across a much wider spectrum of . Much of the risk management thinking has moved on dramatically since the subject was first being brought to the boardroom table in the mid-nineties, and comparatively few directors have a really good overview of how risk management has developed in the meantime.

We provide training in areas such as:

  • Strategic risk: between members of the team, we bring a number of key insights to strategic risk, and we often facilitate workshops which consist of some training, but also application of the key concepts to current strategic planning issues. As the Chief Executive of one organisation said: “Richard Anderson is the only consultant to understand the subtleties and nuances of our strategic challenges.” Another Chief Executive described a workshop as having been “the best strategic workshop” he had ever attended.
  • Risk appetite and tolerance: Richard Anderson wrote the IRM’s guidance on this subject and remains an authority on it. He recently ran a course for an organisation who then concluded that it had been so thought provoking that it was time to revisit the entirety of their risk processes.
  • Risk culture: Keith Smith was an instrumental part of the team at the IRM who wrote the recent guidance on Risk Culture. This area also formed a substantial part of his DBA thesis.
  • Complexity and interdependency: Richard Anderson is currently working with the IRM on their next major piece of thought leadership on the interdependence of risk beyond the boundaries of organisations.
  • Anti-bribery and corruption: Ray Flynn has implemented ABC programmes that comply with both UK and US legislation around the world often in very challenging environments.

Whether it is bespoke workshops for the board, or meeting the needs of a mass audience where video-based training is needed, we have the technology and know-how to provide tailored and relevant training for your organisation. We will work with you from the identification of needs through to the delivery and subsequent follow up to make sure that our risk management training meets your needs.