You can access various documents such as some articles or other brochures published by AndersonRisk for downloading here.

Public Documents

The team at AndersonRisk is very active in publishing articles and speaking at events. Here are just a few of the publications, articles and slide sets that widely available:

  • OECD Report: In 2008 Richard Anderson was asked to write a report for the OECD on Risk Management and Corporate Governance in the banking sector in the UK, the USA and France. This paper has been widely read and is still quoted as an authoritative document. Available in full here on this website, or on the OECD’s website (without the summary table of recommendations).  This document looks at the various codes applicable in each of those three territories, explores the financial crisis in terms of risk management and makes some far-reaching recommendations for change.
  • Risk Appetite and Tolerance: In 2011 Richard Anderson was the principal author of the IRM’s guidance on Risk Appetite and Tolerance. The Executive Summary is available as a free download on the IRM’s website, with a more complete document available at a charge to non-members of the Institute.
  • Risk Culture: In 2012 Keith Smith and to a lesser extent Richard Anderson were both involved int he publication of the IRM’s guidance on Risk Culture. The Executive Summary is available as a free download from the IRM’s website here.
  • Cyber Risk: In early 2014, at the instigation of Richard Anderson, as Chairman of the Institute, a special interest group of the IRM published what is recognised as a leading and authoritative guide on Cyber Risk.
  • Extended Enterprise: Later this year the IRM will be publishing guidance on managing complexity in 21st Century organisations. The current consultation draft is here.
  • Flood Risk: in early 2014 Richard Anderson’s house was surrounded by water for two and a half months. As a consequence of that experience he wrote a paper on the lessons that government should take from the 2014 flooding. This was published or discussed in a variety of publications including Commercial Risk Europe and also Governance and Compliance (copy to be uploaded)