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  • Aug

    Hidden Consequences of Failure

    Company failure is more than the end of a business. The more established a business and the more people that are involved, the more consequences there may be. There may be an instinct to push through if a company is doing badly but this can be riskier than leaders realise. When something goes wrong there is a tendency lay blame. The finger may be pointed at anyone involved in advising the company as well as those within it. Company Directors are particularly liable. It is [...]
  • Aug

    Directors’ remuneration – Justification and transparency

    Director remuneration has been scrutinised in recent times. Large pay packets can seem very out of place in a tight economy. This feature looks at the need for transparency and justification around how directors are being paid. It is important to be clear who deserves what and why. The main parties watching the remuneration figures are the media, the public, and company shareholders. Our experts discuss the issue of accountability and look at changes in reporting systems. They give their opinions on the way remuneration [...]
  • Jul

    Race Against the Machine Intelligence – the rise of cognitive computers & AI

    According to experts from MIT we are now seeing the rise of cognitive computers & artificial intelligence that can ‘think’ like a person. This briefing looks at what machine intelligence means for society. Humans and machines have different things to offer the world but how easy is this to distinguish? It would seem that long as we stay a step ahead and recognise where problems may arise then there are many reasons to be excited about the future. From a risk perspective, business leaders and [...]
  • Jul

    The Connected Economy is a connection revolution

    The Connected Economy has come about because of incredible developments in computer technology. These innovations are drastically changing the business world. There is a new emphasis on connecting with each other and building relationships. Our experts explain the Connected Economy and give their views on the changing paradigms for success. As you watch these videos, it would be worth thinking about the risk implications of the massive disruption which is heading our way – and probably specifically your way – as experts predict that every industry [...]