At AndersonRisk we have a deeply held brief that we cannot DO our risk management work TO you, all we can do is to work WITH you. This means that we are not going to parachute a large team of consultants into your business, but rather we will work with you to leverage our knowledge of risk together with your expertise in your business.

Our primary focus is on advising boards on risk management and also providing risk management training to all levels of an enterprise. We bring in depth knowledge and expertise in having worked with organisations from all sectors and of all sizes. But in addition to our knowledge and expertise, we also bring a toolset that includes:

  • Risk and governance maturity assessments
  • Fast clock speed risk assessments
  • Risk culture assessments
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Risk process knowledge
  • IT tools
  • Quantitative assessment tools

Where we do not have the skills or tools ourselves, we work with our strategic partners.