Punts on the river at Oxford

Punts on the river at Oxford

By definition the contents of my Innovation in Risk tour around the world’s business centres will vary each time, because I will continue learning and sharing as I go. However, topics will include:

  • Why do we engage with risk? What is it that makes us humans interested in risk, and why do so many of us take different views of exactly the same risks?
  • How do we balance off our inherent risk aversion with our inherent need to take risks? And what about the incentives and the ethical demands placed on us – how do they impact our risk taking?
  • What makes companies engage with risk better? Carrot or stick? Long-term sustainability or short-term regulatory compliance?
  • What is the difference between the “risk” culture and the organisational culture? And how are we going to analyse it?
  • What is risk appetite? A useful concept or an overly complicated piece of mumbo jumbo?
  • Whose views matter on a risk? Yours? Your Customers? Your colleagues?
  • Where is the weakest link in your risk management? Inside the company? Or out amongst your suppliers? Or your outsource providers?
  • Do you REALLY care about the three lines of defence? Have you reviewed your second line? And what do the first and third lines know about it?
  • What should the board be thinking about when they are discussing risk?

If you have other areas that you would also like me to cover, let me know and I will see if I can work it in to my day-long presentations!

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