Like everyone else, I have watched the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines airplane over Eastern Ukraine with incredible sadness. Sadness compounded by the ensuing name calling and evidently flimsy excuses out of Russia and the more than pathetic name calling between European capitals. I was also shocked to read a LinkedIn article penned by some consultant bemoaning the risk management failures.

There is a time for lessons. Right now is the time for mourning. My heart aches for parents, families, friends and neighbours whose lives have been shredded by this awful atrocity.

I have nothing else to say on this subject right now, and I will not be linking anywhere to this blog entry. It is here as my brief and inadequate memorial to the lives lost.



Richard Anderson is the principal consultant at AndersonRisk. He can be contacted through their website: Richard consults on risk management with organisations worldwide, speaks at numerous industry events globally, and has served as the President of the Institute of Risk Management for nearly three years.

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